Principal Contractor Services

Service Rendered Brief Description of Service How Does it Benefit the Client
Safety File Implementation Develop and implement a project-specific Health and Safety File. Ensuring that the Principal Contractor is legally compliant with the OHS Act and relevant regulations. Assists in avoiding delays/work stoppages.
Legal Compliance Audit – Initial and Monthly Auditing of the Trade Contractors appointed to ensure they are legally compliant in accordance with the OHS Act and relevant regulations. Ensuring initial and ongoing contractor legal compliance prior to work commencing and throughout the duration of the project.
Development of a Project-Specific Health and Safety Plan Health and Safety Plan derived from the Health and Safety Specification specifying how tasks will be conducted in a safe manner. Ensuring compliance with the OHS Act and relevant regulations.
Trade Contractor Vetting Assisting with the pre-verification documentation and reports as required by the OHS Act and relevant regulations. Ensuring that the Safety File will be compiled and implemented as per the project-specific Health and Safety requirements. Assists in avoiding delays/work stoppages as a result of non-compliant trade contractors starting on a project.
Building of a Project-specific Safety File Compilation, Implementation and Maintenance of the Project-specific safety file. Ensuring legal compliance by the Principal Contractor with the project-specific legal requirements.
Accident/Incident Investigation Assisting clients with internal as well as Department of Labour enquiries relating to incidents/accidents. Ensuring that all accidents/incidents are handled in accordance with the OHS Act. Timeous notification of any accidents/incidents that occur to the correct authorities. Knowledge of Department of Labour Process as an Authorised Inspection Authority.
Chair/Manage SHE Committee Meetings Provision of a competent person who will assist/run/manage the Health and Safety Committee Meetings on behalf of the Principal Contractor. Be informed of current risks and provide recommendations on remedial actions to be taken.
Continuous Site inspections and OHS Monitoring To inspect the areas where tasks are being conducted to ensure employees are performing their tasks in accordance with the OHS Act and relevant regulations. To ensure adherence to the Health and Safety Plan developed.
Distribution of HSI Reports and Audit Reports The compilation of data/observations received during an inspection/audit and distribution to relevant personnel. To ensure that the relevant parties are informed of the risks identified and remedial action recommendations to be followed. The Principal Contractor is provided with documented evidence of the observations/risks as well as audit findings.
Project Close-out Reports Report outlining the close out and finalisation of the project/task. Ensure post-construction compliance.
Verifying Contractors competency and resources. Inspection to determine if contractors are competent to perform the task required and if they have the resources available to perform said task. Ensuring Trade Contractor competency.
Preparation of OHS Documentation to be submitted to Authorities (Department of Labour) Assisting the Principal Contractor with the submission of the Notification of Construction Work to DoL or by providing the relevant Safety Agent with the Health and Safety Plan for the Construction Work Permit application. To ensure OHS Legal Documentation is in place with the correct authorities prior to work commencing and accelerates the permit application process.
Reporting to Client and TC’s on Audit findings Identifying deviations and providing recommendations on corrective measures Ensuring continuous legal compliance and allows the Principal Contractor to enforce improvements where required.
Reporting of Accidents/Incidents to the correct Authorities (Department of Labour) Ensuring that the correct and completed documentation is sent through to Department of Labour, that DoL is correctly informed of the accident/incident and that all correspondence is handled correctly. Timeous notification of any accidents/incidents that occur to the correct authorities